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Build your own DirecTV HD Slimline Dish
Build your own DirecTV HD Slimline Dish
Price varies based on options.
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SKU: HG-107
$180.95 $175.95
Includes: Heavy-Duty Tripod, Mast Assembly, Ground Screw Stake, Bungee Cord, Bubble Level, Lensatic Compass, SF-95 Satellite Finder, Leg Restraint Kit and Heavy-Duty Handy Carry Bag.
SKU: HG-108
A Heavy-Duty Tripod Package designed especially for use by apartment and condo renters.
SKU: HG-102
Excellent for both standard and large-size satellite dishes.
SKU: HG-110
Provides stable support for single and dual LNB Satellite dishes.
SKU: HG-109
Replaces dish mounting mast on the Heavy Duty Tripod.
SKU: Z60-4A-B
Replacement head package for Heavy-Duty Tripod.
SKU: Z60-2960I
Replacement leg assembly for Heavy-Duty Tripod.
SKU: Z60-1377I
Replacement Bell Housing for Heavy-Duty Tripod.
Replacement center mast assembly for Standard-Duty Tripod.
SKU: Z60-2948I
Replacement hinge for Heavy-Duty Tripod
SKU: Z60-3383I
Replacement Flat Head Swing Arm for Heavy-Duty Tripod.
SKU: HG-409
This Tripod Accessory Shelf is designed to provide a convenient storage space for your setup accessories when aimong your satellite dish on the TV4RV Heavy-Duty Tripod.
Replacement Leg Assembly for Standard-Duty Tripod.
Replacement Center Strut Assembly for Standard-Duty Tripod.
SKU: Z60-2950I
Replacement shoe assembly for Heavy-Duty Tripod.