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Build Your Own Tripod Package
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ABOUT was founded in June 2005.  Like many RVers we were frustrated by the difficulty of setting up a TV satellite dish.  We saw the need for a better alternative.  Thus, was born.

We had encountered several problems when aiming our multi LNB dish. 

1. The satellites were NEVER where they were supposed to be!

2. It was very difficult to get a plumb mast for the dish.

3. The tripod was weak and easily moved and lost the signal.

To resolve these issues, we explored each one individually.  Starting with #1 we noticed that every time we moved the compass towards the dish to aim it the needle of the compass moved towards the dish.   We soon discovered that the steel in the dish was attracting the compass needle, making it impossible to get an accurate heading.  The solution was to aim the aluminum TRIPOD - not the dish.  This proved to be a very accurate system and eliminated the compass divination caused by the steel dish.  We created a reference (index) mark on the tripod to align with the dish.

To resolve both issues #2 and #3, we chose a sturdy tripod with adjustable legsThis provided a stable mounting platform that could easily adapt to the uneven ground.

We developed a mast upon which to mount the dish and the eZee-Aim© Tripod System was born.  As we grew, we added other accessories and refinements designed to make setting up any TV satellite dish very easy.