For Sale

Business For Sale --- is For Sale - $95 - 100k*
Approximate return on investment - two years.


In March 2021 I turned 81 years old!  Where did the years go?  After much reflection, I have decided to finally retire to enjoy my final years and do some traveling while I am still in reasonably good health.  That is the reason I have put my business up for sale. started doing business in 2005 and since that time has steadily increased in sales and products offered while building a solid reputation for quality products. The time has come when I no longer wish to continue working and it is time for me to retire and turn the business over to someone who has the drive to make it grow to its fullest potential. The ideal candidate to take over this business would be someone who is about to retire and is looking for something to do to earn extra income and keep busy. He or she should be tech savvy and be able to operate simple power tools for the manufacturing of products, or hire help to do that work. He or she should also be somewhat inventive to allow for new products to be developed as the market needs change. Even if you know nothing about the satellite TV business, it's not a problem.  The sale would include a month of in-depth training at our Oregon plant.  Training would include all aspects of the business from manufacturing to book keeping to tech support.

It should be pointed out that in 2015 Bill Gehr, a writer for TrailerLife and MotorHome Magazines, did a 4 page color article on our products, after purchasing and using them.  After the articles hit the press our business increased by 50%, which indicates that proper marketing could greatly increase sales of these products.  CLICK HERE to read the article.

This sale can be made in several ways. Outright sale at a price to be negotiated or Partial payment down with a monthly percentage of gross sales for a pre-determined, negotiated length of time. Either way the initial payment would include the purchase of both Tangible and Intangible Assets.

1. Tangible Assets - Tangible assets are assets that have a physical existence (we can touch, feel, and see). Examples of tangible assets include: Machinery - Equipment, Office supplies, Stock - inventory (including value added stock), Website shopping cart software, etc. The Tangible Asset amount is currently about $20,000*.  *This figure will change slightly, up and down, as stock is sold and inventory replenished.  A final Tangible Asset figure will be calculated at the time of sale.

2. Intangible Assets - Intangible assets are assets that do not have a physical existence. Examples of intangible assets include: Goodwill, Brand, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade secrets, Permits, Corporate Intellectual Property, Supplier Lists, Account References, Website URL, Product Development, etc.  The Intangible Asset amount is where I receive compensation for starting, developing and growing this business since it started in 2005. The Intangible Asset amount is $75,000. (This figure is negotiable.)

This sale price would also include a training period, at our facility, at a time to be determined, to learn the necessary skills to run the business.  A month's training would be appropriate and would be included as part of the sale as an Intangible Asset.  Any costs associated with this training (food, lodging, etc.) would be the responsibility of the buyer.

You could own for $95,000 - $100,000 (depending on inventory levels).

Contact George Guevin, 541-244-0250 or for further details.