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Vol. 3 - No. 1

Happy New Year!

The staff at TV4RVnews wish  all our readers
a joyful and healthy New Year filled with
peace and love.

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DirecTV's Slimline HD Dish

In doing research for this newsletter I frequently visit the forums on RV.NET for subjects that will interest my readers.  One topic that is frequently discussed is the variety of HD dishes used to receive high definition TV with DirecTV.  In developing their HD satellite system, DirecTV has used at least, 5 different styles of satellite dish.  These versions were created for a number of reasons; improved reception, cost reduction, and more.

This variety of dishes has created a bit of confusion for the novice satellite user who may be just getting into satellite TV or upgrading to HD TV.  A recent post on RV.NET questioning which dish was needed for DirecTV HD TV prompted this informative reply from member "schneid" who has allowed me to reprint it here:

"This sure gets rehashed a lot.

DirecTV HD requires a Slimline dish. It comes with four flavors of LNB's. They are SL3, SL5, SL3 SWM, and SL5 SWM.

SL3 LNB's receive the 99, 101, and 103 birds. SL5 adds the 110 and the 119. You only need an SL5 if your DirecTV Locals come from a spot beam on the 119. If you have DNS, don't care about Locals, or have your locals on the first three birds, you just need an SL3.

The older, but not ancient, LNB's have four feeds. Using them you need one feed to each Tuner. DVR's have two tuners. Have over four tuners you need to add a multi-switch. The newer LNB's have SWM built in. One feed comes from the LNB which carries eight discreet channels.  Software figures this out. Each receiver requires only one feed but each tuner will take a channel. SWM LNB's require a separate Power Supply as the receiver does not have enough power. Different receivers, packages, and programming require different installs which is why even the CSR's and installers are confused. Into the mix, BBC's, BSF's, DECA modules, ICK's, CCK's are thrown.

Newer DirecTV boxes have only Composite, Component, and HDMI video outputs and analog stereo and digital audio outputs. HDMI also carries digital audio. An HD picture can only be carried by Component and HDMI. Surround audio can only be carried by Digital coaxial, optical, or HDMI. Your display, monitor, or TV obviously must also have these inputs.

To mount your Slimline, I think the HD Tripod kit from TV4RV is the way to go. I added the the HD folding arm kit:

For a roof mount it seems the Winegard Trav'ler, $1600, is the way to go. I am too poor.

One really needs to read the previous posts here on the subject and also read here:


Some videos on SWM LNB's here:

Solid Signal "

You may read the entire post here.   I hope this information proves helpful to our readers. 

While we are discussing the Slimline dish we would like to introduce our latest, new product - our Slimline Folding LNB Arm Kit - No. 2 -   designed especially for the latest model of the Slimline dish.

Slimline Dish Folding LNB Arm Kit - No. 2

            (633803 bytes)

This kit replaces all the adjustment hex nuts on your DirecTV Slimline satellite dish with wing nuts, eliminating the need for a wrench to loosen the hex nuts when making adjustments to the dish settings. It also adds hardware to allow the LNBF arm to be raised to a compact storage position and lock into position without allowing the LNBF heads to contact the face of the dish, preventing damage to the heads.

Conversion requires drilling 6 holes with a ¼" drill bit to replace the existing LNB bracket with the replacement bracket from the kit. Download the instructions below for further installation details.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - This kit will ONLY work on the latest model of the Slimline dish. The Slimline dish is made in at least four different model. Your LNB arm MUST LOOK EXACTLY like the one pictured in Fig. 1 below.  If it does not, this kit will not fit your dish.

Complete detailed instructions included.

Slimline LNB.jpg
(52772 bytes)
FIG. 1
The Slimline dish is made in several model variations. The difference is in the manner the LNB arm connects to the frame. For this kit to work on your dish it must look EXACTLY like the photo above.
If your dish is different, this kit WILL NOT WORK.

New LNB Kit
021.JPG (85331 bytes)

LNBF bracket from kit installed on existing LNB arm.