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Vol. 4 - No. 1

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Last month we received several calls from customers who were experiencing some difficulty when using the Lensatic Compass while setting up their tripod.  The compass was responding slowly and not moving smoothly.   In discussing the issue. we learned in both cases the compass had been stored in an unheated area and the local temperature had been quite cold.

The Lensatic Compass we use is liquid filled to make for more accurate readings as the liquid dampens the movement of the degree disc for better readings.  The liquid used by the manufacturer is a light grade oil - kerosene.  Under normal conditions it has a very low viscosity; however, when exposed to cold temperatures it can thicken slightly, causing the degree disc to stick or move slowly.

It is always advisable to store your compass in an interior area where it will be kept at a controlled temperature and safe from any rough handling.


From the time we began TV4RV in 2005 our Standard-Duty Tripod has been one of our best sellers.  With the increased popularity of HD television our Heavy-Duty model has taken the lead in sales and the Standard-Duty model has now dropped to third place, behind our Medium-Duty model.

We are discontinuing sales of our Standard-Duty model effective immediately.  We will continue to stock replacement parts for those customers who purchased this product. 

We recommend using our Medium-Duty Tripod for use with single and dual LNB dishes and our Heavy-Duty model for the larger HD dishes.

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