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Vol. 3 - No. 11


Satellite dishes can be quite large, making storage during transit a challenge in an RV.  While we offer our Folding LNB Arm Kits that reduce the storage size by 50%, some dishes (like DirecTV's Slimline model) are still very large.

Last month a customer sent us photos of a dish mount he fabricated for satellite dish storage.  He suggested we consider adding this item to our product line.  We are always interested in our customers' input and comments and after evaluating this concept, we have decided to add this item to our product line.  We are presently testing it before launching it as a new product.

The dish mount bolts onto a standard RV ladder (11 1/4" rails) and accepts any size satellite dish that is mounted on the mast of our Heavy-Duty Tripod.  This allows the dish to be stored outside the RV, which is a boon to those RVers who have a roof-mounted dish and only use the tripod setup when trees block the signal.

Below are some photos of our test model.  Check our website for the addition of this item around November 15th.   The price will be $29.95.

We would appreciate any comments or suggestions from our readers.

mount-1.jpg (220275 bytes)

The mount work on both left and right ladders.

mount-2.jpg (220264 bytes)

mount-3.jpg (123556 bytes)

The tripod mast bolts onto the mount with a T bolt.

mount-6.jpg (268594 bytes)

The mount can be used with or without a Folding LNB Arm Kit.

mount-5.jpg (275110 bytes)

mount-4.jpg (235739 bytes)

A safety chain is included as a precaution in case of attachment failure.

mount-9.jpg (233377 bytes)

The T Bolt and Safety Chain are stored here when not in use.