Vol. 4 - No. 11


Last month we mentioned that a customer had suggested a modification that he made to his satellite dish.  He thought it might be helpful to other users.  Consequently, we were able to find a supplier and now offer this new product on our website.  The customer had replaced the wingnuts from our Satellite Dish Conversion Kit with larger T handle knobs.  These knobs were much easier to grip when making adjustments to the dish.  We bought a supply of both 1/4-20 thread and 5/16-18 thread T knobs to accommodate most U.S. satellite dishes (the Canadian Shaw dish uses M-8 metric fasteners).

We made the modification to our own Dish 500 dish and the improvement is very good!  (Thanks Richard!)  You can see the new improved setup below as well as the comparison of the new T knob to the wingnut.

delux.jpg (64225 bytes)

knob.jpg (36761 bytes)

We now offer our Satellite Dish Conversion Kit in the standard model with 1/4-20 wing nuts and the DELUXE MODEL with 1/4-20 T Knobs.  We also offer the standard model with M-8 wingnuts for SHAW dish users.  Use the OPTIONS menu to select these models.

We also offer our Slimline Folding LNB Arm Kit #1 and  Slimline Folding LNB Arm Kit #2 in the standard models with 5/16-18 wing nuts and the DELUXE MODEL with 5/16-18 T Knobs.  Use the OPTIONS menus to select these models.

You may also purchase the T Knobs separately - Package of four 1/4-20 T Knobs  and  Package of five 5/16-18 T Knobs.

We still welcome any new suggestions for improvements to the RV satellite experience.  Send your suggestions, with photos if possible, to