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Vol. 6 - No.11


In last month's issue we had a link to our Satellite Dish Conversion Kit and several customers called to inquire why the degree markings on the dish shown in the instructions were so clear and easy to read.  We directed them to the July 2011 issue in our on-line archives.  We think it might be time to run this article again for those who missed it.


Numbers2.jpg (33771 bytes)

Do you have trouble reading the elevation and skew/tilt scales stamped into the satellite dish?  If so, we have an easy solution to this problem.  One that will make satellite dish setup even easier.

Start by removing the section(s) of your dish that have the degree settings stamped into the metal.  On our Dish 500 both the elevation and skew/tilt are stamped into one piece.  Other dishes may have two separate pieces.  It is easier to make this modification with the parts removed from the dish.

Numbers1.jpg (35635 bytes)For this project you will need the dish part(s) mentioned above, some black paint, some paint thinner or solvent (not shown), a small, artist type paint brush and a soft, clean rag. You can use an old handkerchief and cut it into 5-6 smaller pieces. 




Numbers4.jpg (30850 bytes)Use the brush to fill in all the characters stamped into the metal.  Work the paint into each indentation and cover the surface as in the photo to the left.




Numbers5.jpg (34710 bytes)When painted, your scale should look like the one to the right.  Do not let the paint dry.  Proceed to the next step.






Numbers6.jpg (30578 bytes)Fold one piece of the cut up cloth into a tight wad with no loose ends.  Use the cloth to wipe the paint off the surface.  Don't press too hard, as the objective is to leave the paint in the indents and just wipe the surface.  Make one wipe and refold the cloth to get a clean surface and wipe again.

Then use another clean cloth, damp but not soaked with solvent, to remove the black film from the metal.

Numbers8.jpg (34848 bytes)When completed, your markings should look like those on the right and be much easier to read during dish setup.