Vol. 7 - No.11


October was a month of refection for me.  My wife and I celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary which caused me to think back over the years of the many experiences we have shared together.

During those reflective moments I though about our monthly newsletter and how it has become more difficult to find relevant subjects to discuss.  We have published the newsletter each month for almost eight years and during that period we addressed a wide range of subjects pertaining to satellite TV in a mobile setup.  Like most subjects, you eventually reach a saturation point where there is little left to cover without repeating yourself (which we have also done).

Therefore, this will be the last scheduled edition of TV4RVnews.  We will publish a special edition from time to time to inform you of any new products we might have to offer, but we will no longer have a regular monthly edition.

We encourage you to visit our "morgue" of back issues, if you haven't already done so.  Just visit this page and scroll down below the signup section to the Newsletter Archile section.