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Vol. 6 - No.12


The concept of a Folding LNB Arm is not new.  Our very first RV satellite dish was a small Winegard that sat on the ground and received a signal from just one satellite.  It did fold up for easy, compact storage.

As the satellite dishes became larger it was even more important to reduce their size for storage.  A few years ago DirecTV came out with their forth version of the Slimline dish.  We fabricated a bracket that replaced the original bracket on the LNB arm and this became our Slimline Folding LNB Arm Kit #2.   (Pictured below.)

This proved to be our best selling Folding LNB Kit as it has many fine features and was easy to use.  Since it fit just one model of the Slimline dish and no other dishes, we set out to devise a similar bracket that would fit ALL satellite dishes.

We determined that there are about 30 different models and styles of dishes out there from DirecTV, DishNet, Shaw Direct and Bell, and a few Free-to-Air models.  They ALL have ONE THING in common -- they use the same size tubing for the LNB arm.  All these dishes use a rectangular steel tube that measures 1 7/8" wide by 7/8" thick.

We designed our new bracket to fit onto this tube, once it is cut.  It is then held in place by steel pop rivets.See photo below.

Univ-3.JPG (93944 bytes)

The finished assembly looks like this with the arm in use -

Univ-4.JPG (124751 bytes)

and this with the arm in the storage position.

Univ-5.JPG (143752 bytes)

We created a very detailed installation video (39 minutes) on the product listing page.  You can view the video and learn more about this great new product here.