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Vol. 4 - No. 3

Connecting a Satellite Dish to your RV

Most newer model RV's come equipped with a dedicated connection for satellite TV.  However, many older RV's do not have such a connection and it is essential that the line from the LNB on the dish to the satellite receiver have no splitters or amplifiers.  We touched on this topic in our November 2009 newsletter and again in February 2011.

This month we have added four new items to our website that will make it easier to connect the cable from the LNB on your dish to the input of your receiver. 

Single-RG-6.jpg (33665 bytes) Duplex-RG-6.gif (68506 bytes)

The first two new items are white Exterior RG-6 Receptacles.  We offer them in both single and duplex models.

They both provide a clean weatherproof connection for the RG-6 cable.

On sale this month for $4.99 and $9.99.

F-Right-Angle.jpg (60721 bytes) push-on-connector.jpg (45863 bytes)

Also added this month are two new connectors that will make it easier to connect and route the wires within the RV.

The Right Angle connector makes it easy to attach a cable in a tight location, such as behind the TV or within a wall.

A package of 2 on sale for $2.95.

The Push-On connector attaches to a standard RG-6 screw on connection for those connections that are made frequently, such as connecting a satellite finder during setup.  A package of 2 on sale for $1.95.

CLICK HERE to see these new items on our website.

Getting the cable into the RV is the easy part, routing the cable through the RV to the satellite receiver is often the most difficult part.  Since the layout of RV varies so much it would be impossible to provide step-by-step details on how to route these cables.  The best we can do is describe how we routed the cable in our RV.

Our RV was equipped with a hookup for cable TV but not satellite TV.  The connection for the cable TV was about 6" to the right of the access door to a storage compartment.  Inside the compartment we could see the cable was routed up through an interior wall into the entertainment center area.  This was done during manufacture when everything was open and easily accessible.  It would be impossible to follow that same route with the new satellite cable.

We determined that the entertainment center backed up against a wall with the bathroom sink / vanity on the opposite side, and this vanity was directly over the storage compartment.  Upon closer examination we found the sink drain line came through a hole in the floor into the storage compartment.   There was just enough space around the pipe to fit the cable up into the sink / vanity area.

We drilled a small hole through the wall inside the vanity into the entertainment center cabinet, pushed the cable through and was able to make the connection to the receiver.

Most RV's have similar access areas below deck.  Try to locate an area the will allow you to fish the wire up into the section near your receiver.  With a little imagination the job can be easier than it seems at first glance.