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Vol. 5 - No. 4


Since the last edition of the Newsletter we have launched our new product - a SATELLITE DISH AIMING SCOPE that allows the user to see what the satellite dish "sees".  If there are any obstructions in the line of sight to the satellite they will be clearly visible.  You can learn more about this new product here.

Now we are giving all of our customers a chance to win one of these new scopes (a $34.95 value), including  FREE SHIPPING!  A few months ago we activated a feature of the shopping cart on our website that allows customers to write a review of the products they have purchased.   Our reviews to date have been gratifying but we would like even more!  We have found that word-of-mouth recommendations from our satisfied customers are the BEST advertising we can have.

scope.jpg (212056 bytes)

This month we are going to raffle a new SATELLITE DISH AIMING SCOPE as the prize.  To enter, simply visit our website and select any products you have purchased.  Within the listing is a "Reviews" tab and then click on "Add Your Review".   Each review will count as one entry, so if you've bought several products, you can write several reviews and increase your chances of winning.   At the end of the month we will draw one winner at random from the entries submitted before the end date of 12:00 PM April 25th, 2013. The winner will be notified by email and in our May Newsletter.