Vol. 7 - No. 4

MUD ! !

As RVers. we all hope to wake up to robins chirping in a nearby tree and bright, sunny skies.  But we all live in a "real" world where the weather is often less than perfect.   One reader, John Bunting, wrote to us about his Texas winter.

"I have used your tripod recently in Central Texas for 3 months this winter, it was raining, sleeting, overcast and the winds were blowing from the North and South sometimes over 40MPH.Even in those conditions the dish did not move and no lost signal even in the high winds overcast and sleet. There were other people at the Corps of Engineers park in Granger, Texas with the same tripod and I passed on the information to other campers where to get one because theirs blew over. I added one modification to the legs to supplement the one that I saw on your web site and that is to add a bathroom drain cover cut flat with a nail spike driven into the ground and put under the feet to keep it sinking when the ground is wet works great. When I set up I will take a picture for you. The tripod is very solid and will not move, not that it will anyway. This thing only takes about 5 minutes to set up very easy."

John later sent these photos and further information -

mud1.jpg (96487 bytes)

Aluminum bracket bolted to tripod foot.

mud5.jpg (114060 bytes)

Drain cover available at Lowes and Home Depot.   Drill a hole in the center.

mud4.jpg (111916 bytes)

Galvanized stake to anchor it all.

mud3.jpg (161746 bytes)

Completed modification.

mud2.jpg (173451 bytes)

One for each leg.

Nice job John!