Vol. 3 - No. 5


We generally use this newsletter to provide helpful tips on setting up your satellite dish or getting satellite TV service in your RV.  This month we would like to turn the tables around a bit and ask for some help from our readers.

It would be very helpful to know if there any specific topics or issues regarding satellite TV that you would like to see addressed in this newsletter.  We realize that the newsletter reaches all levels of users, from novice beginners to seasoned pros, so we try to offer a range of topics to accommodate everyone.

Additionally, we would like to know if any of our customers have made any modifications or changes to our products to improve the usage.  In the past we have had several suggestions from customers on making   improvements, some of which we have implemented into our latest models  We find this type of feedback to be most helpful in product development..  If there is an item you are having trouble finding let us know and we will see what we can locate.

Please send any replies to: