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Vol. 6 - No. 5


Periodically, we get suggestions from our customers and newsletter readers that are worth passing along. This month we have two new suggestions to share with you.  Our first is from John Bunting, ElPaso, TX. John fabricated a battery storage box from Styrofoam to house the two 9 volt batteries for his satellite finder's Auxiliary Power Kit.  John's process is detailed below.

finder1a.jpg (292242 bytes)

Made this box out of a piece of 1 & 1/4" deep Styrofoam using a razor knife. The battery hole just needs to be traced using the two batteries and cut out the same size and a slit for the wire out the side (below).

finder1b.jpg (267753 bytes)

finder1c.jpg (274180 bytes)

A piece of removable duct tape is then used over the hole to hold the batteries and two pieces of Velcro hold the box to the bottom of the finder (below).

finder1d.jpg (208767 bytes)

finder1e.jpg (223514 bytes)

This can be made in about 20 minutes by anyone instead of using rubber bands. The corners of the box can be rounded so it will match the contour of the finder though not necessary. The box is easy to remove from the finder for storage in small bag tested it works great it will work with any satellite finder and can even be permantely attached but would not be a good idea since it is made of Styrofoam.

GREAT JOB, JOHN!  Thanks for sharing!

Our second suggestion is from Mike Noble, Deckerville, MI who fabricated a dish mounting fixture that attaches to the bumper of an RV or motorhome to transport the dish.  This would be a good solution for RV's that don't have a ladder to mount our Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket.  It should be noted that Mike works in a metal fabricating shop and has access to supplies and welders.  This mount could be fabricated using the photos as a guide.

Mount-1.jpg (244491 bytes)

Mount-2.jpg (213436 bytes)

Mount-3.jpg (290351 bytes)

Mike writes "Just wanted to send these photos of the bumper mount I made. I was concerned about the weight of the dish on the ladder mount. Aluminum has quite a bit of flex and the weight on the outside edge would appear to allow for some twisting. I made this out of 2X3 steel angle and 1/4X3 flat. It attaches as yours does with a bolt in the bottom as well as a u-bolt for extra support. I did everything except the welding, a co-worker did the welding. It helps when working in a metal fabrication shop. All the tools and materials there for me to use.  As for the tripod I bought, well I absolutely love it. So easy to get a signal fast."

SUPER JOB, MIKE!  Very professional.