Vol. 4 - No. 7

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We received an email from a customer last month complimenting us on the quality of our equipment and also expressing concern that it might "walk away" if left unattended at a campground.  We assured him that, to date, we have never heard of a single tripod being stolen.  It has been our experience in RVing that the vast majority of fellow campers are very honest and will watch out for the other guy's equipment in his absence.

However, upon reflection, we decided to do some research on campground theft problems.  I like to use the forums on as a resource.  I did a search for "theft" and came upon this thread discussing the possibility of the 50 amp power cords being stolen.   While there were some reports of the cords being stolen from RV's parked in the dealer's lots, very few RVers reported any problems.  I can understand that with the rising cost of copper the wires in a 50 amp cable have value to a thief.   Since many larger size power cables now use aluminum instead of copper to keep the cost down, an easy deterrent might be to put a waterproof tag at each end of the cable stating "ALUMINUM CABLE - - NOT COPPER" (even if it stretches the truth).   It might help deter a thief who might otherwise cut and run.

To get back to safeguarding your equipment, there is no easy solution.  We often bring a vintage Schwinn tandem bicycle with us when we RV and chain it to the RV frame when we are not using it.  We also make sure our RV is locked when we are away, but otherwise, take no extra theft precautions and have never had a problem in over 40 years of RVing.

We would be interested in hearing from any readers who have had any of their satellite equipment (or other equipment for that matter) stolen while RVing.


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