Vol. 7 - No.7



We are presently closed for vacation and we will reopen on July 6th.  We have included several helpful tips this month and will resume our regular articles next month.


TIP #1

Our New Improved Universal Folding LNB Arm Kit #2 has proven to be a very popular product.  It rapidly became our #2 Best-Seller, right under our #1 Best Seller - our Heavy-Duty Tripod.   It's on sale now at only $21.95 and you can save an additional $5.00 using the coupon below!  If you haven't yet installed this kit check out the photos below and on the link above, which also includes a video on installation.

The finished assembly looks like this with the arm in use -

Univ-4.JPG (124751 bytes)

and this with the arm in the storage position.

Univ-5.JPG (143752 bytes)

Tip #2

Check those bungee cords.  The hot summer months are especially hard on bungee cords and they can quickly dry out, become brittle and fail.  If the cover of your bungee feels dry and stiff, it is an indication that it needs to be replaced.  You might consider trying our All Weather Anchor Chain, which will never dry out!  It's on sale this month at only $8.95 - a GREAT VALUE!