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Vol. 6 - No.8

SD or HD?

I read an interesting thread recently in the RV.NET Forum.  The debate of this thread was about "How much difference is there in the clarity between SD and HD?"   It went on for five pages and gave some interesting insight into how diverse the TV audience actually is. 

In reading through the comments it reminded me of something that happened to me personally recently, regarding satellite TV setup.

My daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons recently paid us a visit and they stayed in our RV.  In preparation for their arrival, I activated the Dish Network receiver in the RV so they would have satellite TV during their visit.  Our RV is located about 100' in front of our home, which faces North.  The Southern sky is in back of the house.  There is also a small, drive-around island of trees between the RV and the house, which further blocks satellite signals.  I knew I could get a signal, as I had done it several years ago when my brother visited and stayed in the RV.

I needed to run the cable overhead, through the trees, so cars could pass under the cable, and place the dish at the edge of the treed island, about 40 feet from the house.  I did everything as I had done two years ago, but this time no signal??  Nothing!  By now it was late afternoon with the temperature over 105 degrees, so I decided to wait for the cooler morning.

The next day I rechecked all my settings and connections, but still no signal.  I knew I "should" be aiming over the house at that spot.  Just to be sure, I pulled out my trusty Satellite Dish Aiming Scope and installed it onto the tripod expecting to see my chimney or such blocking the signal.  Instead I saw a branch from an overhead tree blocking the view.

So, while the house hadn't moved - the trees did grow in two years.  I simply got my tree trimmer and removed the offending branch.  Problem solved.

Once I got reception on the TV in the RV I quickly realized what a difference there was between the HD quality we had been watching in the house and the SD, tube type TV in the RV.  We haven't been using the RV as much lately, so we never upgraded the TV to HD.  Maybe it's time to think about an upgrade.  ;)'