Vol.2 - No.


I must admit I'm a "fair-weather" RVer who tends to travel in the seasons when the chance of rain is slim.  As such, I hadn't given much thought to the effects that rain and other weather conditions can have on satellite TV. 

Last month I received an email from a customer who had experienced some loss of satellite signal during a rain storm.  Upon checking, he determined that water had seeped into the connections where he spliced together his RG-6 cables.  He was asking if I had a solution to the problem and I "thought" I did!

The supplier of my satellite finders also carries a foam cover designed to provide a weather tight seal at the coax connections.  I ordered two dozen as a trial run and they arrived a few days ago.

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They looked GREAT in the supplier's photos, but when they arrived I found they were just too small to cover the connections. 

So, I'm back to work to find a similar product in the correct size.  (Needless to say my supplier will get these back.)

It stands to reason that rainwater can cause a disruption in the satellite signal.  While rainwater in its natural state is pretty innocuous - with an almost neutral pH and very little conductivity, it seldom arrives on the ground in its natural state.

Because of pollution in the air it passes through, the rainwater picks up many contaminants which alter the pH and increase the conductivity.  It only takes one drop to bridge the gap between the center wire of the RG-6 cable and the shielding layer to ground out the connection.  This can cause complete loss of signal.

So, if you experience loss of signal during a rainy spell, check your connections to insure they are dry.  If any of the connections are laying on the ground, it might be a good idea to elevate them with a block of wood or a rock to keep them off the damp ground and away from water puddles.


This has been a VERY busy month for our Heavy-Duty Tripods.  Our supplier has been unable to provide us with the quantities needed to fill our orders.  As a result we ran out of tripods for about a week in August and expect to be out of stock again at the beginning of September. 

Our supplier promised us a delivery in mid-September and we hope to resume shipping around September 20th.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers.  Keep checking our website for status updates.