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Setting up a satellite dish for the first time can be a bit intimidating for the novice. It can be made much easier by becoming familiar with the different components you will be using and learning how they are used in your satellite TV system.

If you still can't find the answer to your question, send an email to our support department and we will be glad to assist you.




We keep a supply of replacement parts for the Standard-Duty Tripod in stock in the event an accident should cause damage to the tripod. The replacement parts are listed below and may be ordered from our REPLACEMENT PARTS page.

  • CENTER MAST ASSEMBLY - The Center Mast Assembly consists of the top mast that the dish is mounted onto, the leg connector with bubble level, and the lower mast with bottom hook and handle.
  • LEG ASSEMBLY - The leg assembly consists of the mast, upper connection fixture, three telescoping sections with locking clips, bottom swivel foot and foam guard. CLICK HERE to download leg replacement instructions. Adobe Reader required.
  • LEG STRUT ASSEMBLY- The leg strut assembly consists of the Center Locking Assembly and three Leg Strut Supports. 


We carry a full line of replacement parts for the Heavy-Duty Tripod, ready for immediate shipping.  CLICK HERE to go to the parts list to order each individual part or visit our REPLACEMENT PARTS page to order section assemblies.

*On our REPLACEMENT PARTS page you will find some common parts and parts assemblies that are frequently needed.  We have included some additional hardware in some of the packages, which we offer at a discount.  The last item on the parts page TRIPOD PARTS displays every part used on the Heavy Duty Tripod.  All these items may be purchased online.

If, within thirty days of receiving an item, you find that it is not as described in the listing or does not function, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping, after notifying us of the problem by EMAIL. The thirty day period begins upon receiving the item, as documented by the Delivery Confirmation record. Loss or damage in shipping is not covered by this warranty.