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Build Your Own Tripod Package
Build Your Own Tripod Package
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SKU: HG-306
When setting up the Heavy-Duty Tripod on a very smooth or slippery surface you should use the LEG RESTRAINT KIT to prevent the hard metal leg tips from slipping outward.
SKU: HG-319B
LNB Arm Yoke for Dish Network HD Turbo 1000.2 Dish - This part makes the transition of the 1000.2 LNBF to the LNBF Arm and includes two screws.
SKU: HG-312
$6.99 $4.99
Provides a single RG-6 input connection to the exterior of the RV.
SKU: Z60-2950I
Replacement shoe assembly for Heavy-Duty Tripod.
SKU: HG-201
Lensatic Compass for Standard-Duty Tripod
SKU: HG-203
Great for camping, hiking, boating and much more!
SKU: HG-302
This kit provides a power supply to the satellite finder, independent of the power from the dish's receiver.
$4.95 $1.79
1" X 9" Galvanized Pipe Nipple
SKU: HG-402
This is the same Ground Stake that we include with all of our tripod packages.
SKU: HG-408
$4.80 $4.55
Set of four, 1/4-20 T Knob Fasteners for Satellite Dish
$3.95 $2.00
5/8-11 Zinc Plated Hex Nuts - Pkg/10.
SKU: HG-313
$3.95 $2.95
Provides a close connection for attaching a RG-6 cable.
SKU: HG-401
This is the same bubble level that we include with all of our Heavy-Duty Tripod packages.
SKU: HG-314
$2.75 $1.95
Add an easy push-on fitting to your RG-6 cable.
SKU: HG-403
This is the same Bungee Cord that we include with all of our Heavy-Duty Tripod packages.